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I expected too much

The Absent One - Jussi Adler-Olsen, K.E. Semmel

After reading the third book in Q department series and loving it, I read the first book in series and liked it, so, of course, I read the second book as well. And it left me somewhat disappointed.



There are two things going on in this part: there is 20 years old crime to solve; and young secretary Rose joins Q department and from the start Carl for some reasons doesn`t like her. Again, we can look into minds of the criminals from the first chapter - some rich, aggressive, amoral bastards. Then there is slightly crazy woman living on streets, who once was one of them. Interesting woman, I must say.


Of course there are twists and turns and for some time you can`t be sure which one is guilty of what. To be honest, the synopsis led me to believe that there will be something more gruesome and disturbing. Like hunt on people or something like that. Yes, characters were interesting, but how everything turned out... I don`t know, I thought Jussi Adler-Olsen is braver than that. Or I just expected too much. Or my mind is sick :D


Anyway, I`ll read the next books in series. I like Carl, Asad and Rose too much to give up.