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Hobby can do in even a very smart killer

Flaskepost fra P - Jussi Adler-Olsen

Let me tell you straight away, that grew up reading about two great detectives - Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. I love it when detectives THINK and search and not simply run after the bad guy or use some "super powers" aka CSI. So it`s not easy to please me when it comes to crime mysteries and thrillers. But Jussi Adler-Olsen does just that - he pleases me with his nice crime plot and his detectives from Q department does quite a lot of thinking and searching.

I`m not sure how I felt about knowing from the start who the killer is, but on the other hand being able to look into killer`s head was really exciting and didn`t help me to figure out what the ending will be (and that says A LOT, because quite often it`s easy to guess). It takes time to understand the killer and what`s going on.The plot is a little bit like a manual how to kill and go unnoticed for years. If not for this letter in a bottle, no one would have found out the crimes were committed. That`s unsettling. 

Detectives from the Q department are a strange bundle of people. Head detective Carl Morck loves to sleep and seems quite slow, but his head is in the right place. Then there is Asad - smart and quick to see the details and put everything together, and Rose, Carl`s secretary or something like that. Very expressive lady. All of them have some problems and secrets in life and I hope to find out those in further books.

This is #3 in the series about Q department, but it`s not mandatory to start with the #1. As I liked this one, I`ll go back and read #1 and #2 as well.