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Light Christmas reads

Snow Kissed - Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick, D. S. Linney The Dogs of Christmas - W. Bruce Cameron Let it Snow - John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle

As we have Christmas without snow this year, I went on a quest to find snow and festive feelings in books. Can`t say that I succeeded as much as I wanted to, but here are three nice, light and easy reads for Christmas time.


Snow Kissed - three romantic stories with some steamy sex scenes. Reindeer Games by Jessica Clare has lots of snow and even a Christmas tree. Lots of fun and competition between two losers in survivor game in Alaska. Undressed by Jen Frederick - umm, didn`t feel Christmas magic in this one, but I liked the ending. The Sound of Snow by DS Linney felt so cliche and sweet and sexy and soppy and too good to be true, but my stupid romantic heart (ok, half of my heart is stupid and romantic) liked this story a lot. Oh, there were some excerpts from other works by these authors in between stories, but I didn`t read them. 3/5 stars for the book.


The Dogs of Christmas - sweet story about one man`s life changed by neighbor`s dog, five puppies and animal shelter`s employee. Mr. Cameron really understands dogs and dog-human relationship. That was the great part of this book. I wasn`t so happy about relationships between people. Dialogues felt awkward and jerky. Anyway this is a nice Christmas read for dog lovers. 3.5/5 stars


Let It Snow - another book with three stories. What`s interesting these stories are connected in a way that main characters know each other and hilarious, heartbreaking and fun things happen to them in one small town on Christmas. Town is heavily snowed in because of the snow storm and I liked this snowy part. Maureen Johnson's story was fun but slightly unreal. John Green's was hilarious and ridiculous and lots of fun. Lauren Myracle's story was kind of meh. Her main character was a stupid, whiny brat and I couldn`t believe her transformation at the end of the story. Overall, this book was ok, but I hoped for more. 2/5 stars