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Let`s go for a walk in cemetery

Кладбищенские истории - Boris Akunin,  Grigory Chkhartishvili

Don`t be mistaken, Boris Akunin and Grigory Chkhartishvili is the same person. I guess he writes under Boris Akunin`s name because his real surname is quite a challenge to read and write. Anyway, he has written strange and interesting book about some of the oldest and largest cemeteries he has visited himself. Book consists of non-fiction essays followed by short stories author has made up. For example, he writes about Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It`s very beautiful cemetery, lots of famous people are buried there. One of them is Oscar Wilde, so Akunin writes a story about two grave diggers and Oscar Wilde`s ring. 


To be honest, his essays about cemeteries were really interesting and full of facts, but his stories were average, because horror is not Aukin`s cup of tea. Still, if you can get this book in English or if you are familiar with Russian, I suggest you give it a try.