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Great summer read

Summer House - Nancy Thayer

From time to time on Goodreads or while reading some book blogs I came upon Summer house. The book was like "pick me, pick me, I`m good". So at the beginning of summer, when I choose some summer books to read, I finally gave up and said "Hell, why not!" I`m glad I did what I did. It turned out to be one of the best summer reads. 

I loved how Nancy Thayer put this large family in Nanas house for summer and how almost all of them had changed more or less by the end of summer. Like nothing big and life altering (for most of them), but small everyday changes. All characters were so human. Amazing. I guess I loved the wise Nana the most, but I liked others too.

The pace was not exactly slow, it was peaceful, without hurry and hysterics, not boring at all. It was nice. 

Can`t remember why I didn`t give it 5 stars...Maybe because of the cover? Ha, ha.