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How the Q department started.

The Keeper of Lost Causes - Jussi Adler-Olsen,  Lisa Hartford

So this is the first book in series about Q department - special Danish police department for old unsolved cases. I loved the third part, so I picked up this one. Here Carl Morck is a pain in his boss`s ass and by lucky twist of fate (read "politics") he can get him off his neck by creating a new department - Q department. At first Carl spends his days sleeping in basement, then appears Asad. Hilarity guarantied. Together they manage to solve one really creepy and strange case about missing woman. 

I liked the insight in this woman`s mind and her struggle to survive while locked in pressure vessel or something like that. As they say - the revenge is a dish best served cold. Here killers work on their revenge for more than 5 years. It`s just crazy and sick. 

The problem with the plot was that I guessed the killers and their motivation before Carl did. Too bad. Anyway, the story was nicely twisted, interesting, scary at some parts, funny at others and I liked it.