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Big disappointment

Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys

I went into this book with high hopes. Not sure where the problem is - in me or in Jean Rhys, but I was disappointed. First part was good and moody, then the second part was more like meh and I didn`t care much for the last part. The pacing was chaotic, the author`s "voice" boring and I had a hard time to feel any sympathy towards poor and at the end mad Antoinette. As for the young Rochester, Rhys can say what she likes that this is a prequel to Bronte`s "Jane Eyre", but I couldn`t put these two Rochesters together as much as I tried. 

I`m so sad that the book which started quite promising with nice exotic and gothic feeling went down the hill and ended as poorly written average novel. I know that there are many glamorous reviews and many people call this a great book. For me "Wide Sargasso Sea" is the big disappointment of 2013.

2,5 stars for constant feeling of dread and unhappiness.