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This is not a zombie novel

The Returned - Jason Mott

What if the ones you loved and lost came back? What to feel, how to react, what to do? There is no simple answer, and this isn`t a simple book. Poetry in prose about life and death. It`s more like philosophy than thriller: slow paced and without much fighting and blood. Some are happy, some are angry, but generally both the living and the Returned are just scared and confused. Not all the people understand that it`s a second chance in life to love, to forgive and to let go. I liked that author didn`t try to give some crappy explanation how it`s possible that the dead ones come back as if nothing had happened. He leaves it to the miracle and I`m satisfied with that.

Sometimes it was emotionally hard to read, sometimes I didn`t want to start a new chapter because I could imagine myself opening the door and there stands my granddad.... Sometimes I was so scared for everyone in Arcadia and expected mind blowing violence to break out in every new page. I was quite surprised when it didn`t. Thank you Jason Mott that you didn`t take the easy way out.

This book touched my soul.