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Disappointing song

Wake  - Amanda Hocking

I had high hopes for this book. Nice cover, mysterious  synopsis, summer, sea... Besides I haven`t read anything about mythical sea creatures. So I was excited to pick it up. My excitement lasted for maybe two minutes. Then I started to tell myself - ok, sometimes it takes time to get into a book, keep on reading. Long story short - it didn`t get better and I ended up skimming through pages, doing occasional face palms and wishing for the book to end.

My God, to spoil such good idea with poor plot twists and totally uninteresting characters it`s such a shame. Characters were as complicated as fence pole. Gemma turns into this fascinating mythological creature and all she thinks is - oh, I can swim really fast now. She is not scared and she`s barely questioning what`s going on. 

It felt like the author has rushed through the story without much thought. Too bad. I`m curious what`s going to happen next, but I highly doubt I`ll read the rest of the series.